Custom Home Remodels

Turn your existing home into your dream home

Looking for a custom home without having to move? Our remodeling services can transform your existing home into your dream home, from large-scale floorplan updates to smaller changes to make your home more functional and beautiful. 

Life changes, and your home should reflect that. You may be in a different stage of life than when you first bought your home or need a refresh to make the space more usable for your needs. Perhaps a part of your home has never functioned quite right or caused headaches over the years. A custom remodel can change all of that.

Woodland’s remodel services cover every room in the house. From a large-scale kitchen update to a bathroom refresh, we can do it all. Let your imagination soar.

With a custom remodel, we can turn any existing space into a brand new space, including changing doors and windows, updating the floorplan, dividing or combining rooms, and building in new storage solutions—the possibilities are endless. Our custom remodeling team will work with you through the entire process to create a new space that is designed precisely for your family.

This is your chance to make your home completely yours. Every aspect of our remodels is made with you in mind, down to the final details. We’ll remodel your home into a space that perfectly meets your needs and showcases your style.  

A Woodland remodel is the refresh to a brand new, custom space—no moving boxes required. 

A Few of our favorite projects

9" Ceilings

Barnwood mixed with modern

Hardwood floor installation

Open living room

Custom light fixtures available

Sliding barn doors

Expand your kitchen

Personalize each room

Bathroom of your dreams

Custom design

Modern bathroom design

Make memories